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Well I'm sorry (poem).

2011-12-30 08:19:08 by Zeth3rman

Lately I've been looking at life differently, I've stopped (or trying to) looking at life threw the eyes of a realist and instead the eyes of a believer and honestly thongs are getting better and I think the depression os leaving ( slowly ).
Now this is my newest poem "well I'm sorry" it's a quick written one, just to say sorry to a girl that I've wronged.

Well I apologize,
For all the hate and lies.
Well I'm sorry,
I mean it now, just look at me,
I'm begging for your forgiveness,
I'd say this in person but honestly I'd be voiceless,
Because of the things I've said wrong,
If I could this apology would be yearlong.
I'm really sorry,
I hope you accept this badly written apology,
Words cannot express what I truely mean,
I hope it puts things straight and the slate is clean.
I guess I don't know what else to say,
Except that I'll mean this to the end of days.

Christmas revelation (poem)

2011-12-24 09:31:38 by Zeth3rman

First of all have a merry, happy, cheery, awesome Christmas everybody! And second of all this is a poem about a Christmas revelation I've had this time if year ( people say Christmas is the best time for a Christman revelation) about my life enjoy!

I'm sick of all the depression,
I just want to meet a girl make a good impession
And forget about my sad, sad past,
I hope my depresion will not last,
I was able to see
That life gets better
And not just darker
All the time!
Just have hope sometimes.
I was lost,
Everybody seemed to accost.
My life was turning bad
And then I got Truely sad.
Then came this day,
Whem I lost all dismay
And awful doubt,
And I let most if the darkness out.
Now finally I know,
What I should do and where I have to go,
I need help others,
And do what was wanted by my mother!
Though it is not my style,
I'll try to make people smile.
And after I finnished what I started,
And after all is completed,
I hope to meet the girl of my dreams,
Then live life happily as beautiful light gleams.
I guess what I am trying to say
I have changed my ways.
And I'm sorry to every one I've wronged,
Now I'm going where I belong.
Now I hope my life will be fine,
And will no longer decline.
I hope I'll finally be happy,
That day I dream to see!
This is my revelation,
Now I dream of my redemption,
I hope I get salvation,
I no longer have blind addiction.
Now I'm free,
And hopefully less gloomy.

That's it for this one merry Christmas every one!

Another nameless poem. ( a happy one this time.)

2011-12-22 08:45:25 by Zeth3rman

Uuuummmmmmm......... WoW I'm starting to find it hard to write these starting sentences.( does any one even read these things?).

Everyday, I wake up I put a smile on my face,
I where I go I try to keep it in place,
But some people are so mean,
Tortured by depression I know where they've been.
But trust me life gets way, way better,
When you let go of depression and anger.
Well life is like this,
Bad and evil but always look for bliss.
It doesn't matter what has happened in the past,
Because depression doesn't last,
But surely love will,
Trust me let it go, to much makes you ill.
What I'm trying to say
Be happy every day.

This us yet another "depressing" poem, I think I write to many "depressing" poems.... Hmmmm.... Oh well, poem time.

My life is not going well,
But after this life I know I'll be in the depths of hell,
But I do not care
Because I know I belong there.
The only true fun I have is with sin,
I have evil thoughts brewing within.
I have amany sins to atone,
Because when the truth is known
You will be there with me,
Oh! One day you shall see,
Those sins weren't just mine.
You have crossed the line
One to many times,
So now I will tell you how I feel in a rhyme,
But I don't see why I have to,
I see it, so why don't you?
You make me feel so sick,
When you die life will be fantastic!
Right now I'm so hopeful
That I'll see you're funeral!
That'll be the day!
All you will hear from me is a cheer! Hooray!
But until now I'll just sit here and weep!
Dream of that day happily in my sleep.
Oh, trust me, you and I will get what we deserve
And your punishment I'll observe.
You be dead soon my friend,
I'll see you in the end!

Happy like sunshine ( poem )

2011-12-21 07:52:13 by Zeth3rman

Seeing as my last few poems have been depressing (kind of) I have decided to write a happy one.

Even if things are bad,
Just cheer up and please don't be sad,
Every thing will be OK,
It doesn't matter what they say.
Trust me I am fine.
Just be happy and bright like sunshine.
Never be afraid.
Just be happy with whatever life you've made.
Don't hate, only love,
It what people live of.
Be happy every day no matter what,
Every body has inner beauty that's no secret.
Love people for who they are,
Treat them like a bright star.
That's how we should live life.
No one should rife.
Smile every day,
Even if things are bad smile any way.
Treat every one like an ally.
Fare well for now, good bye.

That's it for my "happy" poem.
I swear my poems are getting longer......

a poem for some one i've lost. :(

2011-12-20 20:53:40 by Zeth3rman

If I saw you on that awful day,
I would have told you not to go away.
I would say the things that needed to be said,
The words still haunt me in my head.
Things were better with you around,
Now there's no love to be found.
Why did you go so soon.
I cry whenever I here you're favourite tune.
Oh how much I miss you,
I'm lost on what to do.
I need you right now,
And today I make a vow,
That if I ever see you again
I'll tell what I should've told you back then.

Thoughts conflicted (poem)

2011-12-20 10:02:21 by Zeth3rman

My life and thoughts are conflicted!
I was walking around blinded,
But now I see!
They are just mindless zombies.
What if life were a dream,
And all and nothing were as it seemed.
Life's intentions should be clear,
And no one should fear
that they'll die,
They say they're fine but they want you to pry!
I know how life can be conflicting.
Most people you meet are just acting,
Yet they say to tell the truth,
They have no remorse and only ruth.
Why do the evil succeed
And the good alway need?
Many fools deserve to be dead,
Yet the innocent are paying instead.
Life is confusing,
And death is haunting.
Where are you God, do you still care?
Because the life you gifted is no longer fair.
How does humanity survive?
We hate and kill yet we still thrive.
Now all we can hope for is some love,
Or a blessing from above.
But then again is any one human?
Was any one ever a true man?
Where are we now?
Why are we here and how?
All there is left is death!
Begging for another breath!
Like I've said life is conflicting,
And the kind are hurting.
What is the point of living this life,
If all it's filled with is mortal strife!

Wow this is a long poem but it's done.
Sooo...... Yeah.

Thoughts conflicted (poem)

A poem about betrayal

2011-12-19 03:27:07 by Zeth3rman

This is another poem about stuff and yeah.

I'm tired of all the lies!
There's no truth in your eyes!
I'm sick of all the betrayal!
And I know you're the devil!
For you my tears will never fall!
Because of me you'll lose it ALL!
I will get my Revenge,
I have many things to avenge!
All the losses I have had,
soon things for you will get just as bad!
I hope these words echo in your head!
I'll finally laugh again when you're dead!



2011-12-17 06:50:11 by Zeth3rman



2011-12-14 20:04:26 by Zeth3rman

When darkness comes all shall hide, some will be found, ALL will die and find their fate in death and despire, for that is true world peace and divinity.
What people don't understand these days is that death is necessary in the world we live in.
Life= living = love = peace = death.
It's what it all ends in and what it all starts in.
Today we start to forget and take for granted what our ancesters did for us in wars and after that we build over their graves and start anew just to repeat the cycle, no one wants to accept it but we are all going to die and be forgotten.
Death is important for life.