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Thoughts conflicted (poem)

2011-12-20 10:02:21 by Zeth3rman

My life and thoughts are conflicted!
I was walking around blinded,
But now I see!
They are just mindless zombies.
What if life were a dream,
And all and nothing were as it seemed.
Life's intentions should be clear,
And no one should fear
that they'll die,
They say they're fine but they want you to pry!
I know how life can be conflicting.
Most people you meet are just acting,
Yet they say to tell the truth,
They have no remorse and only ruth.
Why do the evil succeed
And the good alway need?
Many fools deserve to be dead,
Yet the innocent are paying instead.
Life is confusing,
And death is haunting.
Where are you God, do you still care?
Because the life you gifted is no longer fair.
How does humanity survive?
We hate and kill yet we still thrive.
Now all we can hope for is some love,
Or a blessing from above.
But then again is any one human?
Was any one ever a true man?
Where are we now?
Why are we here and how?
All there is left is death!
Begging for another breath!
Like I've said life is conflicting,
And the kind are hurting.
What is the point of living this life,
If all it's filled with is mortal strife!

Wow this is a long poem but it's done.
Sooo...... Yeah.

Thoughts conflicted (poem)


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