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Another nameless poem. ( a happy one this time.)

2011-12-22 08:45:25 by Zeth3rman

Uuuummmmmmm......... WoW I'm starting to find it hard to write these starting sentences.( does any one even read these things?).

Everyday, I wake up I put a smile on my face,
I where I go I try to keep it in place,
But some people are so mean,
Tortured by depression I know where they've been.
But trust me life gets way, way better,
When you let go of depression and anger.
Well life is like this,
Bad and evil but always look for bliss.
It doesn't matter what has happened in the past,
Because depression doesn't last,
But surely love will,
Trust me let it go, to much makes you ill.
What I'm trying to say
Be happy every day.


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