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Entry #16

Well I'm sorry (poem).

2011-12-30 08:19:08 by Zeth3rman

Lately I've been looking at life differently, I've stopped (or trying to) looking at life threw the eyes of a realist and instead the eyes of a believer and honestly thongs are getting better and I think the depression os leaving ( slowly ).
Now this is my newest poem "well I'm sorry" it's a quick written one, just to say sorry to a girl that I've wronged.

Well I apologize,
For all the hate and lies.
Well I'm sorry,
I mean it now, just look at me,
I'm begging for your forgiveness,
I'd say this in person but honestly I'd be voiceless,
Because of the things I've said wrong,
If I could this apology would be yearlong.
I'm really sorry,
I hope you accept this badly written apology,
Words cannot express what I truely mean,
I hope it puts things straight and the slate is clean.
I guess I don't know what else to say,
Except that I'll mean this to the end of days.


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