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Happy like sunshine ( poem )

2011-12-21 07:52:13 by Zeth3rman

Seeing as my last few poems have been depressing (kind of) I have decided to write a happy one.

Even if things are bad,
Just cheer up and please don't be sad,
Every thing will be OK,
It doesn't matter what they say.
Trust me I am fine.
Just be happy and bright like sunshine.
Never be afraid.
Just be happy with whatever life you've made.
Don't hate, only love,
It what people live of.
Be happy every day no matter what,
Every body has inner beauty that's no secret.
Love people for who they are,
Treat them like a bright star.
That's how we should live life.
No one should rife.
Smile every day,
Even if things are bad smile any way.
Treat every one like an ally.
Fare well for now, good bye.

That's it for my "happy" poem.
I swear my poems are getting longer......


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