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I have no idea what to name this poem..... Soooo.... Yeah.....

2011-12-22 03:33:32 by Zeth3rman

This us yet another "depressing" poem, I think I write to many "depressing" poems.... Hmmmm.... Oh well, poem time.

My life is not going well,
But after this life I know I'll be in the depths of hell,
But I do not care
Because I know I belong there.
The only true fun I have is with sin,
I have evil thoughts brewing within.
I have amany sins to atone,
Because when the truth is known
You will be there with me,
Oh! One day you shall see,
Those sins weren't just mine.
You have crossed the line
One to many times,
So now I will tell you how I feel in a rhyme,
But I don't see why I have to,
I see it, so why don't you?
You make me feel so sick,
When you die life will be fantastic!
Right now I'm so hopeful
That I'll see you're funeral!
That'll be the day!
All you will hear from me is a cheer! Hooray!
But until now I'll just sit here and weep!
Dream of that day happily in my sleep.
Oh, trust me, you and I will get what we deserve
And your punishment I'll observe.
You be dead soon my friend,
I'll see you in the end!


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