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Christmas revelation (poem)

2011-12-24 09:31:38 by Zeth3rman

First of all have a merry, happy, cheery, awesome Christmas everybody! And second of all this is a poem about a Christmas revelation I've had this time if year ( people say Christmas is the best time for a Christman revelation) about my life enjoy!

I'm sick of all the depression,
I just want to meet a girl make a good impession
And forget about my sad, sad past,
I hope my depresion will not last,
I was able to see
That life gets better
And not just darker
All the time!
Just have hope sometimes.
I was lost,
Everybody seemed to accost.
My life was turning bad
And then I got Truely sad.
Then came this day,
Whem I lost all dismay
And awful doubt,
And I let most if the darkness out.
Now finally I know,
What I should do and where I have to go,
I need help others,
And do what was wanted by my mother!
Though it is not my style,
I'll try to make people smile.
And after I finnished what I started,
And after all is completed,
I hope to meet the girl of my dreams,
Then live life happily as beautiful light gleams.
I guess what I am trying to say
I have changed my ways.
And I'm sorry to every one I've wronged,
Now I'm going where I belong.
Now I hope my life will be fine,
And will no longer decline.
I hope I'll finally be happy,
That day I dream to see!
This is my revelation,
Now I dream of my redemption,
I hope I get salvation,
I no longer have blind addiction.
Now I'm free,
And hopefully less gloomy.

That's it for this one merry Christmas every one!


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